We should withdraw from UNESCO

Duane Stahl

Valley City

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, started mostly by secret U.S. communists Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White in 1945, has worked to influence young people worldwide since its inception.

Soon after its founding, it published grotesque cartoonish characters to depict the Declaration of Independence signers and the U.S. Constitution creators. Then it produced a 10-volume series of pamphlets – Toward World Understanding – openly calling for world government for educators (who could then influence the young).

In 1953 the leftist Saturday Review editorialized that no one should apologize that UNESCO “…is helping to prepare the world’s people for world government….” In 1955 Wisconsin Congressman Lawrence Smith described UNESCO (and the UN) as “a permanent international snake pit where Godless Communism is given a daily forum for…warfare against freedom,” and the American Legion urged ending membership.

UNESCO has 56 regional offices around the world carrying out its mission, including promoting pro-UN attitudes to the young. Common Core is strongly backed by UNESCO, as were No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, etc.

In 2017, President Trump notified UNESCO head (and lifelong Communist) Irina Bokova that we would leave it at the end of 2018. However, to make certain we stay out, Congress should preserve our independence by withdrawing from the dictators’ club, the United Nations.

Trump says he’s looking to spend less. We could save at least $8 billion a year by exiting the UN.

North Dakota’s U.S. Senator Bill Langer voted against joining the UN because he believed it would erode our sovereignty. He was right.