Real property tax relief needed

Cathy “Kit” Brenan, Hillsboro

Over 42 blocks in Minot receive property tax breaks for at least 5 years. EPIC just had their break EXTENDED.

TIF financing is in EVERY town and county in N.D. to spur “economic development.” How are these taxes being paid?


Rep. Jared Hagert, Taxation Committee chair, says removing property tax is a Trojan Horse.


Not the homeowner who is having mills or valuations increase EVERY year whether they make improvements or not!

Removing property tax would assure you OWN your home vs rent from the state. That you can’t be evicted because you had to choose between tax or food or medicine.

The legislature is hoping by granting those over 65 or disabled reduced rates and the rest of us $500 (it’s OUR MONEY) we’ll dutifully return to our homes and keep paying.

Why is N.D. government pushing back on this measure so hard? It removes their ability to keep going to the cash cow.

Their argument is you lose local control? How much control do you have now?

This measure will leave spending at the 2023 property tax amount and have the state make those payments. Burgum was crowing about N.D. having billions in various accounts during his presidential run.

Maybe it’s time it’s used for We the People. If tax incentives attract business, imagine what will happen when it applies to everyone.


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