Cut off the checks – America’s businesses need workers


Like a lot of other Americans, I have been shocked in recent weeks at the number of businesses that cannot find workers. My daughter and I stopped at a fast-food restaurant here in South Bend, Indiana, two weeks ago on our way home from Chicago. After waiting 40 minutes in the drive-thru line, ...

Join us June 26 as we focus on our future

Community Columnists

The flood of 2011 unleashed a spirit and a determination unlike anything our community has ever seen. Ten years later, those feelings are still evident. In 2011, throughout Minot, residents with space in their garage or basement stored items for those who were forced by a rampaging river to ...

Sports help promote Vision Zero

Letters to the Editor

Kyle Patterson Minot Vision Zero Coordinator As a Vision Zero Outreach Coordinator, I help promote and support North Dakota’s Vision Zero traffic safety initiative to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes on North Dakota roads. Vision Zero aims to ...

The poor get richer

National Columnists

Everywhere, people trash capitalism. But what they think they know about capitalism is usually wrong. My new video debunks some myths about capitalism. “No one ever makes a billion dollars,” complains Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “You take a billion dollars.” In other words, ...

College enrollments continue declining

Community Columnists

According to the National Student Clearinghouse, enrollment in higher education institutions continue to decline, dropping 5% this spring. The 5% represents 725,000 fewer students. According to the National Center of Educational Statistics, the average number of students for each faculty ...

Flag Day appreciation

Letters to the Editor

Margaret Haas Minot The Ryan and Disabled American Veterans Flag Day Celebration held at the Ryan Buick/GMC was decorated everywhere in red, white and blue in tribute to our flag. A big thank you to those supporting and being involved in this great celebration for our flag for us to ...