Trump sitting on campaign cash

National Columnists

The dictionary defines “grift” as “a petty or small-scale swindle.” What is happening to the Republican Party trumps that and jeopardizes the Republican takeover of Congress. Not enough people are willing to discuss it. The financial disclosure numbers are out. Combined, the ...

Digital monitoring needs its own monitoring

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The New York Times recently ran a story about Russia’s powerful internet regulator, Roskmnadzor, whose collection of personal data about average Russians has, in the Times’ words, “catapulted Russia, along with authoritarian countries like China and Iran, to the forefront of nations that ...

What cannot be duplicated in a digital space

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The pandemic taught us that a lot of things can happen efficiently from a distance. It helped normalize working remotely, delivering groceries and even contactless delivery. I’m grateful for all of these things in my busy life even when I’m not trying to “flatten the curve.” However, ...

Homeland Security Committee tackles inflation

Community Columnists

"Inflation is killing us,” Dorsey Crank announced as he entered the community hall where the Homeland Security Committee was meeting to plan Christmas decorations for 2022. “We are on the short end of the stick,” he continued. “I think our retailers and service people are taking the ...

It’s later than you think

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"A lot of people tell me what they’ll do, or how quickly they will be back on their feet after the death of a spouse or child. Most of them have never previously attended a funeral of a spouse or a child of theirs.......” 21 years ago this month, 9/11/2001, we all can recall vividly, ...