Open letter to North Dakota Democrats

Community Columnists

Oorth Dakota has become a one-party state with little hope for the Democratic Party to rise out of the ashes like a phoenix and magically create a competitive two-party system. Republicans have indisputable control of state government, holding the governorship and over two-thirds of both ...

None of their business

Letters to the Editor

Henry Bodmer, Kenmare This week Ward County sent out the proposed property tax levies for 2021. While most of the line items such as the school levy, township levy, city levy, and so forth were about the same as last year, the proposed county levy is a whopping 18% increase. While just ...

Free speech is the ultimate truth

National Columnists

Words have no meaning; they are malleable and subject to change at the whim of the powerful. Today, Black people could be called “white supremacists,” Jews could be called “Nazis” and scientists could be called “anti-science.” The reason is obvious. It is because these people, and ...

Food help extends to military members

Letters to the Editor

Melissa Sobolik, Great Plains Food Bank CEO At the Great Plains Food Bank we believe that everyone should have the food they need to be healthy and successful, and that our communities and our country are strongest when everyone has enough to eat. While hunger hides in plain sight, one ...

Political hysteria has grave consequences

National Columnists

Excerpts from Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s forthcoming book “Peril” were just released. The book is apparently the latest effort to smear former President Donald Trump as a deranged lunatic. Alas, for the authors, that’s not what’s grabbed the public’s attention. Instead, it is ...

School bond issue needed

Letters to the Editor

Kristi Reinke, Minot Thank you to the Minot Public School District board for moving forward with the proposed bond referendum. As a teacher, I know the importance of having proper learning spaces for our students. Currently, the middle school I teach at has 14 classrooms utilizing ...