Fly your US flags on Memorial Day

Letters to the Editor

Cynthia Sessions, Minot Proudly fly your US flag this weekend is support of all those beautiful patriotic souls who perished defending our country and those that did not make it home. Whether you are at your campsite, at home or own a business, now is the time to replace that worn and ...

‘Consent of the governed’ requires participation

Letters to the Editor

Gary Emineth, Mandan I was reminded of something important this week by a quote in a journal, from “The Federalist” #22. It reads:”The fabric of America ought to rest on the consent of governed.” It’s one of those foundational truths – one that almost shouldn’t have to be ...

Transparency bills good for voters

Letters to the Editor

Barbara Headrick, President, League of Women Voters of North Dakota, Fargo-Moorhead The League of Women Voters of North Dakota’s top priority this legislative session was protecting voting rights to ensure our elections remain fair and accessible for all eligible North Dakota voters. Our ...

Legislature helped children, pregnant women

Letters to the Editor

Christopher Dodso, Executive Director, North Dakota Catholic Conferenc, Bismarck Lost among most of the talk about the recent North Dakota legislative session is any recognition that legislators passed significant legislation to help pregnant women, children, and families. In December of ...

Leading cause of death isn’t guns

Letters to the Editor

Steven Moen, Minot Mike Rose’s letter on May 20th got me to thinking. Abortion is the leading cause of death in children not guns. 930,160 babies were killed in 2020 adding to the 63 million killed since Roe vs Wade legalized the murders. The next cause of death in 0-17 yr old kids is ...

It’s our choice

Letters to the Editor

James Maxso, Minot These seem to be the days of cancel culture and censorship. I’m not bright enough to know the difference. Is critical thinking on life support? Can’t one read Mein Kumpf without becoming a nazi? Can’t one read Das Kapital without becoming a communist? Certainly one ...