Proposed ND Military Museum benefit to this state


Today is Armed Forces Day and an appropriate time to announce a major proposed project to honor and preserve the heritage and history of the military in our state. The North Dakota Military Museum is still in the proposed and planning stages but we believe it would be an important asset to ...

Downtown changes started seven years ago

Community Columnists

Seven years later, we look back on May 15, 2015, as an important date in the history of downtown Minot. Why? That’s the day construction began on the three-year, approximately $34.75 million Downtown Infrastructure Improvement Project. That’s the day concrete in part of the intersection ...

Pay it back to pay it forward

Letters to the Editor

Edana Kitzmann Minot With thoughts of Montana-Dakota people around a big table in a big room, making a decision to not follow through with a pipeline because cost increased about 50% of projection. I’m thinking about the Board of Directors who receive large amounts of incentive shares ...

Term limits, Super PACS, and our billionaire governor


In a letter circulated last week, Secretary of State Al Jaeger definitively put to bed the ongoing saga over the petitions for the proposed initiated measure to add term limits to the North Dakota Constitution. The measure would have added term limits to the governor and the state Legislature, ...

Do we have a mental health crisis?

Community Columnists

May being Mental Health Awareness month, it seems appropriate for us to confront an issue that eludes our attention until it strikes home. It is odd that mental health has become a major problem in a country flowing with money and professionalism, both essential for attacking the problem. ...

Overturning Roe v. Wade may be irrelevant

Letters to the Editor

James Maxon Minot Roe v. Wade was decided while I was still in law school. Now, as I enter my 75th year on this earth, the division regarding abortion continues. Obviously where one stands is a core belief which means minds are made up......period. That said, what will be the ...