‘I saw my entire life flash before my eyes,’ part III

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You know the saying: “dog bites man” is not news, but “man bites dog” is. Years ago, I actually came across a true Miami Herald man-bites-dog story from 1996. Such “weird” news stories have dotted newspapers for a long time, providing respite from news about crime, natural ...

Indicting Trump would be a mistake

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If the January 6 committee truly cares about protecting norms, the last thing it should want is for Attorney General Merrick Garland to indict Donald Trump. If you believe that a prosecution of the most likely candidate to run against Joe Biden in 2024 by the president’s own Justice ...

Partisan ‘fact-checkers’ despise Biden satire

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On June 18, someone captured video of President Joe Biden riding a bike on vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. When he came to a stop, he caught his foot in the pedal and fell to the pavement. Without it being on tape, no one would have cared much. On social media, conservatives quickly ...

‘I saw my entire life flash before my eyes,’ part II

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My time-travel adventure at the Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room of the Library of Congress felt like binge-watching reruns of old newscasts. It brought back memories of stories going back to the 1960s -- the man on the moon (1969), hijackings of passenger airplanes to Cuba (1970s) ...

The oily reason I’m worried about flying

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I’m planning an overseas flight with my kids this summer, and I have a bad feeling. Not because of COVID (though that promises now to, forever, be a problem), not because of tensions between Turkey and Greece (though that could get ugly fast) and not because I’ve seen post after post ...

The shame of the Supreme Court

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If there’s any doubt about the extremism of the Supreme Court’s six Republican appointees, it was on full display with their opinion in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overrules Roe v. Wade, establishing the right to an abortion. Roe had been the law of the land for ...