The Democrats’ lifespan reduction act

National Columnists

Across the pond, Brits are demanding their next prime minister do something to reduce the U.K.’s notorious cancer death rates. But here in the U.S., Democrats are doing the opposite. They’re pushing for European-style price controls on drugs that will slow cancer cures and lead to more ...

Law-abiding gun owners won’t harm you but criminals will

National Columnists

There have been innumerable debates on gun ownership. These discussions generally address two critical factors: gun violence in inner cities and mass shootings. As a result, some Americans have called for the removal of certain weapons, such as the AR-15, from civilian ownership, and the ...

Dear Minot Community and the Region-at-Large:

Community Columnists

Thank you for following along with our series of letters that address the new Trinity Health healthcare campus and medical district. In this second letter, I’d like to share the original vision for our regional care system. As mentioned last time, the Trinity Health Board of Directors ...

Abolish most hated tax

Letters to the Editor

Steven Moen, Minot Here we are in the middle of a recession, with inflation higher than the 1980s and Ward County and Minot are working to increase property tax. Whenever these entities can’t balance their budgets they raise property taxes. This is the most hated tax in history and is ...

Would a three-party system be better?

Community Columnists

Frustrated by the inability of the present 2-party system to function, more folks are talking about the creation of a third party thinking that would break the deadlock in Washington. At the outset, let us admit that the present system was designed by the Founding Fathers to keep anything ...

Questioning new park

Letters to the Editor

Mary Swafford, Minot This is to find out about the Park they are building on County Road 15 West, across from Green Thumb. My goodness, the sidewalks are 10 foot wide, and it’s all paved and the Machinery in that area is remarkable. I think all tax payers should come out and see it. ...