Reasons not to vote for Trump are false

Steven Moen, Minot

It was stated last week that Christians can’t vote for Trump, with a bunch of scripture verses to defend his position. Satan can quote scripture with the best of them and the fact that no mention of not voting for Biden makes me wonder.

Most of why we shouldn’t vote for Trump are all made up reasons and the application of Lavrently Beria, Stalin’s secret police chief, standard operating procedure, “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

This is what the left has been doing to Trump and his followers since before he was elected in 2016 and has increased ever since and went rampant in 2020. January 6th is a classic example, Hitler burned down the Reichstag, their capital building, and blamed it on the communists and became the leader in Germany. The Democrats orchestrated the same thing, blamed it on Trump, and have been going after him ever since. Most of the made up charges brought by left wing Democrat activist Judges and prosecutors have been tossed out by higher courts, the rest I’m sure will be tossed later.

During this time Biden has opened the borders, flooding us with illegals, fentanyl, resulting in hundreds of thousands deaths, sex trafficked kids and who knows what. Wrecked the economy, increased crime, raised food prices, gas prices, drained our strategic oil reserves, gave the terrorists billions dollars worth of our military equipment when he sold out the Afghan allies, gave Iran billions to give to Hamas who attacked Israel, sold out to both Ukraine and China with corrupt dealings with his son Hunter, you know 10% to the big guy.

This list goes on and on but the biggest reason not to vote for Biden which was conveniently missing in the letter was the warning by a Catholic priest given to his congregation prior to the 2020 election when he told them if they voted for Biden in ignorance of his views they possibly could be forgiven but after I tell you what he stands for, violating the sanctity of life by abortion, the sanctity of marriage by endorsing same sex marriage and the general promotion of the gay lifestyle, which is unbiblical, he then said he had grave concerns for their souls.

All this being said “Is there a perfect candidate for us to vote for?” The answer is NO! The only perfect man walked the earth 2000 years ago and died a horrible death, even though He was innocent, to pay for the sins of us sinners which we all are.

It’s our duty to vote for the best person.


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