Transgender Day of Visibility is important

Dan Sturgill, West Fargo

International Transgender Day of Visibility is on March 31st. This day is dedicated to celebrating transgender people. Some people believe that transgender people do not live in North Dakota. I am a clinical psychologist who has worked with transgender youth and adults across North Dakota, and I assure you there are business owners, farmers, clergy, artists, athletes, and students in our small-town school plays.

March 31st is important because, fifteen years ago, I perceived transgender individuals as people who were just having trouble accepting themselves. I was wrong. In working with people, I have heard their personal stories of struggle and triumph. I have educated myself on research that has changed my mind. Today, I believe that Transgender individuals (people born with a gendered soul that is different from the sex on their birth certificate) come from all walks of life and bring unique perspectives. In 2021, the Pew Research Center reported 42% of Americans personally know someone who is transgender.

The demographics in North Dakota are changing from our smallest towns to largest cities. We can all benefit from listening to people with different experiences and learning that everyone has something to offer. My hope is that, on March 31, we see the positive contributions that transgender individuals bring to our state and to society.


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