Heitkamp fighting for or against North Dakota?

Darel Harrington


Senator Heitkamp “continues to fight for N.D.,” which poses the question, who are her opponent(s)?

Since she is a Democrat, she must be fighting the Republicans. However, in her Jan. 6th newsletter she indicated that she is “bi-partisian” at least eight times, so one would think she is “almost” a Republican, so I must conclude she is not fighting the Republicans (at least while she is in North Dakota). She is not fighting abortion, because she is a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood. She is certainly not fighting the Democrats because she votes as instructed by the Democratic Party leadership (as indicated by her vote against the tax cut). Since this tax cut will benefit 90 percent of North Dakotans, we must conclude she is really fighting North Dakotans (while she is in Washington). She is also fighting North Dakotans with her support of a court case, which will require N.D. residents to pay sales on internet sales – I’m sure she never found a tax she didn’t like.