Donate, volunteer time this holiday season

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means that there are more people in need in the region and seeking help from charitable agencies than ever before.

It is also the time of year when different charities are seeking help from those who are fortunate enough to have the resources to donate.

Please consider giving in whatever way you can, whether it is donating money to the Salvation Army kettle campaign, buying a present for a child whose Christmas wish list is written down on an angel hanging on one of the angel trees that will be on display in different locations this Christmas, or donating to an area food bank.

Those who are not in a position to donate money or gifts to charities this Christmas can still give of their time and their love. Consider helping to purchase groceries, delivering takeout from an area restaurant for a friend, neighbor or family member who is in quarantine due to the coronavirus or shovel their sidewalks or perform other chores that they might not be able to attend to right now. Call or write to family, friends or acquaintances who might be especially lonely and isolated due to the ongoing pandemic.

Helping others during this time might also make you feel better if you have been troubled by a low mood during the past months.


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