Out with old year, looking ahead to new

Minot and others in northwest and north central North Dakota are going into the new year enjoying some of the mildest weather occurring in many years.

During the past days we’ve seen children and adults outdoors in the warmer temperatures, riding bikes and walking, dressed in lightweight clothing instead of being bundled up in heavy winter garb. It’s an unusual season of weather — so far.

What will come next — in weather and other aspects of life in 2024?

Sixty years ago, The Minot Daily News noted in an editorial:

“What will happen in 1964? On the whole we are in a mood, probably, to expect more surprises and to expect that the results of the unforeseen may be more favorable to our economic life than unfavorable. Historically, North Dakotans have been inclined to be in that mood as a year ends, and sometimes with less justification for hope than we have now.”

We do not know what will happen in the new year — 2024 — in our lives, in our communities, in our state, country and globally. But we enter the new year with an attitude of optimism. We enter the new year celebrating achievements, counting blessings, but also acknowledging perseverance through trials faced in the past 365 days. Another year is over, and we can start anew with the year ahead of us.

For those who make New Year’s resolutions, those resolutions give time to ponder what we might want to change or do better, whether it’s living healthier, seeing family and friends more or something else in our lives. The new year is a time for a fresh start.

We wish you a Happy New Year.


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