Programs aid Minot’s flood recovery

Several programs to assist residents in their recovery from the 2011 Souris River flood have impacted numerous individuals in the past 10 years. The following shows the impact of major programs, some of which continue to provide assistance.

Minot Area Recovery Fund

The fund was created to help residents with clean up, restoration and rebuilding to remain in the community. Minot Area Community Foundation distributed funds as grants to individuals and to nonprofits assisting in the rebuilding effort and other humanitarian areas. More than 60% of donations came from individuals across the state and country.

Total Dollars Raised: $7.48 million

Families/individuals assisted: over 2,100

Acquisition of Flooded Properties

The City of Minot used Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery funds to provide a 25% match to leverage State Water Commission funds for homeowners participating in acquisition of flood properties. There were two allocations – an initial voluntary acquisition and a second involuntary acquisition.

Properties acquired: 288

Amount expended: $53.84 million

The City of Minot used Community Development Block Grant-National Disaster Resilience funds to provide a 25% match to leverage State Water Commission funds for homeowners participating in the involuntary acquisition of flooded properties.

Properties acquired: 187

Amount expended: $32.74 million

Rehabilitation/Reconstruction of Flooded Properties

The CDBG-DR-funded programs provided low- and moderate-income homeowners with rehabilitation loans forgivable after three years, capped at $90,000 per single-family, non-historic structure and $110,000 per single-family, historic structure, and reconstruction loans forgivable over five years, capped at $195,000 per single-family structure.

Homes rehabilitated: 86

Amount expended: $5.84 million

Homes reconstructed: 31

Amount expended: $4.78 million

Small Rental Rehabilitation/Reconstruction

The program rehabbed or reconstructed rentals of one to four units for lease to low- to moderate-income tenants for at least five years.

Properties reconstructed: 4 single-family housing units; 1 multi-family triplex

Properties rehabilitated: 2 single-family housing units; 3 duplexes; 2 triplexes

Amount expended: $2.84 million

Homeowner Reimbursement Program

The city used CDBG-DR funds to reimburse homeowners up to $10,000 for repairs to primary residences.

Households reimbursed: 403

Amount expended: $3.52 million

Resilient Homebuyer Program

The NDR program provides a $60,000 forgivable loan to purchase a house in a resilient neighborhood in Minot.

Applicants, to date: 168

Homebuyers assisted, to date: 41

Amount expended, to date: $2.31 million

Sources: Minot Area Community Foundation, Minot National Disaster Resilience Program


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