Rolla High School honor roll 2020-21 Q4


Grade 12: Tanielle Berg, Andre Elick, Logan Elick, Holden Grann, Cade McCloud, Isabelle Mears, Grace Neameyer, Joslyn Nordmark.

Grade 11: Sydney Harris, Trista Henderson, Marti Moberg, Deryk Thomas.

Grade 10: Morgan Leas, Nicholas Mears, Kate Munro, Hannah Neameyer.

Grade 9: Wyatt Berg, Jadyn Juntunen.


Grade 12: Mathias Brien, Jakob Hudson, Jake Mitchell, Xavier Mitchell, Sophia Socwell.

Grade 10: Nathaniel Brien, Carmen Elick, Isaac Herbel, Mitchell Leas, McKenna Samuelson, Gavin Wilke.

Grade 9: Connor Cose, Jayce Gunville, Rebecca Lagein, Ella Thomas.


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