Zoo News: Success as a part of a community

Finally, it seems we can comfortably agree that summer has officially arrived, and the Zoo can start managing the animals for the warmer weather that is upon us. Summer also means the end of another school year and the beginning of Zoo Summer Camp. Speaking of which, the Zoo is still looking to fill its Summer Camp Educator position and if you or someone you know might be interested in helping, you can find the job posting at the MinotParks.com web page, along with other job opportunities across the Park District.

I honestly don’t know if it is just the Park District or the community, but after working in small to mid-sized cities in several regions of the country, since working at the Minot Park District has made an impression on me that I will carry wherever life takes me next. The team at the Parks District is likely the most dedicated staff I have had the pleasure of working with.

It has never been a competition, but a community regardless of the season and the average citizen would seldom know what it takes as each of the departments transitions from one season to the next. As we move from winter into spring the field sports are the first to start pushing for access for facility use and it becomes all hands on deck as multiple departments pitch in to clear snow from baseball, softball, and soccer fields throughout the community; all the time keeping their fingers crossed that there is no more snow coming. We all know how that goes. Besides the field sports the district’s facilities, including the Zoo begin their transitions from winter to spring/summer activities from the MAYSA, Cameron Tennis Center, Souris Valley Course, and even the Zoo. Much of the changes occur in programming but there is a lot of work that goes into preparing the facilities as well.

For the Zoo in particular the warm weather allows us to get animals back on exhibit that were in other areas over the winter months. And beginning this week, the Horticulture Department will begin its magic adding plants throughout the Zoo campus which in my opinion sets the Roosevelt Park Zoo apart from nearly any zoo I’ve ever seen. Along with the Zoo, Horticulture’s magic will extend its beautification throughout the community in the coming weeks.

Along with Horticulture moving into high gear, the Maintenance Staff has removed the snow removal equipment from their vehicles and running all over town setting up nets on tennis and pickleball courts, getting the splash pads, pool, and slides cleaned and in good working order in preparation for the upcoming summer season, preparing the facilities at ballfields. And then there’s the Auditorium crew that is not driven as much by seasons as they are by events, going from a basketball game to a prom to a rodeo without blinking an eye. And there are so many others not mentioned that together make up one of the most dedicated agencies I’ve been associated with throughout the district. I know that this article is supposed to be about the Zoo each week, but without help from the staff throughout the Park District, the Zoo would not be what it is today.


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