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Tiffany Kerfoot creates different types of art

Tiffany Kerfoot dressed and prepared for a photo showing her 1900s aesthetic. Submitted Photo

Tiffany Kerfoot, the vice president of Misfits of Minot, is not only a performer, but she is also a crafter.

Kerfoot came to North Dakota through the United States Air Force. She enlisted in Maryland and was first stationed in Louisiana. From Louisiana, she was transferred to Minot Air Force Base, where she met her husband, who is from Stanley. She finished her nine-year carreer as a senior airman in plane mechanics.

Kerfoot began in theater in high school. Originally, she had just been doing things backstage, but then she took a small role as a character who sat in the audience. Her only job was to stand up, scream and run away during the production of Woody Allen’s “God.” She was shy in theater, which is why she only took that small role. All eyes are on the speaker on stage.

Dance and choir were her other passions in high school, but stage fright was not a problem. In dance and choir, she was performing with a group and everyone was moving or singing at the same time, so people wouldn’t focus on just her.

“It’s a different dynamic,” Kerfoot said, “dancing and singing with a group.”

Pictured are scrunchies that Tiffany Kerfoot made for her Etsy shop called Retro Faerie Creations.

During the shadow performance of “House on Haunted Hill” with the Misfits of Minot, she played Annabelle Warren.

“Performing can be incredibly stressful at times,” she said, referring to stage fright among other factors. “Overall, it’s been really, really great (performing with Misfits of Minot) and I’ve made a lot of friends.”

Aside from performing, Kerfoot sews, knits and makes custom resin jewelry. The one she prefers over the other really depends on her mood.

She got into sewing when she was younger, her grandmother teaching her. As an adult, she got back into it because she wanted to start making her own clothes.

“I really like dressing in the 1940s and 1950s aesthetic, and finding clothes from that era can be very expensive,” she explained.

Tiffany Kerfoot made blue resin earrings shaped like Tyrannosaurus Rexes for her Etsy shop called Retro Faerie Creations.

She uses curtains and tablecloths that she finds at secondhand stores to make her skirts, dresses and scrunchies, making new things from “old” things. Her fabric also occasionally comes from Joann’s Fabrics and Hobby Lobby, preferring patterns over solid colors.

When her children were a lot younger, she would make matching outfits for all of them.

Knitting is a hobby she picked up to help with her ADHD, not being able to sit still for extended periods of time.

“While I’m sitting and watching TV, I’ll be on my phone, and I just thought there must be something else I could do,” she said.

She tried to teach herself at first, but one of her friends taught her how to do different stitches and other basics on knitting. Once Kerfoot got a handle on it, she began making beanies, baby hats, scarves and blankets.

“I stumbled upon making jewelry while looking for a way to use fabric scraps,” she explained.

The bits of fabric are balled up, sealed in a modge-podge and put into an epoxy resin to make beads. The beads are used to make earrings and many other things. When her family and friends really like something she created, they ask her if she can make some for them too, so she dives back in.

So far this year, Kerfoot has participated in two flea markets to sell her creations and share her love of crafting. Her jewelry has just recently gone on her Etsy shop about three weeks ago after her friends and family talked her into it.

Crafting can be relaxing and also a good way to fill extra time. Beautiful things can be made from scraps, and Kerfoot wanted to bring a bit more beauty to the world through her creations.


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