Meet the artist: Susan (Skaare) Granrud

Current Hometown: Williston

Where can we see your work?

Website –, Instagram – granrudsusan, Facebook – Randomness by design, Viewbug –

Do you have work for sale? Yes – you can purchase right off of my website. If you see something in my portfolio that I don’t have in my ‘store’ you can contact me. If you are looking for a particular shot of an item or landscape, or if you would like unique photos of your motorcycle, car, etc…I am able to do that. I am also available to set up individualized photo shoots. I like to spend time with the person(s) to capture the essence of who they are and what is important to them.

In what media do you work?


How would you describe your style?

I try to find the unique view of the normal. I enjoy capturing that random moment, stopping time and committing those moments to eternity.

Who would you say have been influences on your work?

My grandchildren, I enjoy capturing the moments as they grow, as they play and experience the world. It’s hard to pinpoint a particular influence. What influenced me to start taking and sharing my photos was capturing that moment or that beautiful sight that may never be there again. I want to preserve that memory and be able to have something timeless to share.

Are there particular themes you like to explore in your work?

I enjoy landscapes and my grandchildren, but will take pictures of anything! I am not committed to just one theme, unless you consider random moments a particular theme. Every one of my pictures that I have taken has some sort of story behind it.

What do you most enjoy about the creative process?

The journey is so cliche but so true for me. I am always looking at the world around me in a different light….looking for the story behind that random moment.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a North Dakota native, born and raised in Williston ND. My husband and I own Harleys, we have been able to enjoy some amazing travels throughout the US and Canada. I love capturing our trips through my photos. Our routes are usually on the ‘road less traveled’ so we get to see a part of our world that the average person won’t see traveling from point A to point B.