Vocal Trash is the voice of the trash

Production comes to Minot Oct. 2

Vocal Trash, an urban-themed Broadway-style production, is made up of Kelsey Rae, Steve Linder, Greg Dugan, Anthony Silva and Pablo Barracuda. Together they put on a show with recycled instruments to help push the message of a greener planet.

It all started with a viewing of the cinematic take of “The Lorax.” Members Kelsey Rae and Steve Linder, creator of Vocal Trash, decided to make the group more than just a group performing on recycled instruments. They decided to take after the Lorax, who is the voice of the trees, as the voice of the trash.

Vocal Trash will be coming to Minot on Oct. 2 as a part of the International Artists Series in Minot. They will be performing at Ann Nicole Nelson Hall at 7:30 p.m.

Vocal Trash is described as an urban-themed Broadway-style production. The five-member group is green-minded and tries to spread peace, love and recycling through their unique style of music and performance.

“We understand the effect music can bring to the youth and to everyone,” Rae said. “We work hard to create an entertaining and enjoyable show for all ages so people leave feeling so inspired and happy.”

Every instrument that Vocal Trash uses is made professionally with unique, recycled items. The performance group has tool box guitars, a trumpet made from PVC pipes and more.

Vocal Trash has traveled to five different countries to spread their talent and message and produced an original album two years ago.

Tickets for the Oct. 2 performance can be purchased at the door, online at www.minotconcerts.org, via phone at 838-1113 or through email at iasminot@srt.com. Adult tickets cost $30 and student tickets cost $15.

“We promise you will leave with a smile,” Rae said.