Dedicated to children

Bright Path Pediatric Therapy offers a variety of services for families, children and professionals

A bright new business to help children has opened in Minot.

Bright Path Pediatric Therapy was opened in August by Sommer Mosser, Brenna Thomspon, and Colleen Hermanson. It offers a wide variety of services to help people up to age 20 to succeed. They work on sensory processing, self regulation, coping/calming skills, and social skills to name a few.

“We opened the business August 1st because we wanted to provide more options for people in our community. The three of us decided to co-locate our businesses to offer convenient multidisciplinary services to children and families. This approach allows for cooperation and coordination of services. We utilize a client-centered approach tailored to the individual needs of each child/family that we treat,” Mosser said.

Hermanson is a part of Horizon Speech Therapy Services and Thompson is an LCSW from Pospishil & Associates. Along with Mosser, they provide for families as best they can.

“As an Occupational Therapist in private practice I work with children who may be challenged by behavioral difficulties, developmental differences such as gross and/or fine motor delays, attention difficulties, perceptual impairments, and other sensory related concerns,” Mosser said about what she does at Bright Path.

Many conditions that she can help include gross and fine motor skill problems, attention difficulties, Autism spectrum disorders, neurological impairments, prematurity, and sensory processing difficulties

“Sensory processing issues can impact a child’s social skills. It can also cause difficulties in the classroom. Learning more about sensory processing issues and possible treatments is a good first step in getting help for your child,” Mosser said.

Hermanson does counseling for children, marriages, and family as well as play therapy. She works for Horizon Speech Therapy Services, a private practice clinic. Hermanson has over 20 years experience. She offers a wide variety of services such as screenings, evaluations, and treatment of articulation, fluency, voice, language, and cognitive-communication disorders.

Thompson offers therapy services for all ages and helps with a variety of areas like relational issues, depression, anxiety, family stress, divorce, parent/child conflict, self-esteem, sexual abuse, and grief/loss. Her main goal is to help clients reach the best quality of life.

“I have worked with children and families for a number of years and have a motivation to work with people as they face different obstacles. I believe in a strengths perspective and the value of a client establishing a trusting therapeutic relationship. I enjoy working with a variety of clientele,” Thompson said.

The goal of Bright Path is to work with the child, their family, and any other significant or professional people in the child’s life to help the child overcome difficulties and live their life happily and confidently.

They accept a variety of insurance and working with the family is key. Their hours are currently flexible and depend on the child and family.

To contact the Bright Path Pediatric Therapy to get more information or to set up an appointment, call Sommer Mosser at 721-1200 or email her at

For Horizons Speech Therapy Services, call 208-1602.

For more information on the therapy, contact Brenna Thompson at 818-7727 or thompsonbrenna@yahoo.