There’s no place like home

Tim and Deanna Reiten open a new chapter in Minot

Submitted Photo Tim and Deanna Reiten celebrate 16 years of marriage by moving to Minot. Tim, an accomplished journalist and revolutionary president of Reiten Television, is retired and enjoys life in his hometown.

Commitment to family, devotion to community and the courage to follow a dream continues to create an endearing legacy for the Reiten family name.

Tim, the son of broadcasting icon Chester Reiten, ushered North Dakota television into the 21st century by converting KX networks from analog to digital television.

Prior to contributing to the Reiten Television legacy, Tim, alongside his siblings, called Minot home.

After a celebrated career in Bismarck, Tim and his wife, Deanna Reiten, expressed delight with their new life in the Magic City.

“We decided to take a chance and move back to Minot,” Tim said. “We believe it was the right decision and we’re very comfortable. We really enjoy the reception we’ve received since coming back. It’s good to see friends I grew up with. Coming back to Minot has been better than we expected and we’re here to stay.”

Submitted Photo From traveling together to playing with their canine companions Tucker and Daisy, Tim and Deanna Reiten look forward to building a new life in the Magic City.

Tim, an accomplished photographer alongside Deanna, an avid traveler, continue to fall in love with Minot’s enchanting hillsides and breathtaking foliage.

Captivated by the vibrant sunsets and varicolored clouds, the Reitens are loving scenic life in the Magic City.

“At dusk, when the city lights start to pop on, we love to look at the sunset,” Deanna said. “The nighttime view is really pretty here.”

Along with treasuring Minot’s unique landscape, the Reitens are excited to reside in a growing city that offers picturesque parks and diverse venues.

“Minot offers the best of both worlds,” Tim said. “When you look out back, you can see the country and when you open your front door, you’re in the city.”

Submitted Photo Back row, from left to right, Tim, Steve, David and Chester Reiten stand beside, front row, left to right, Kathleen, Joy and Melanie Reiten during a family portrait.

Deanna, formerly from Iowa, is enamored with the Minot community and looks forward to building a new life in the Magic City with her husband.

“This is going to be our last house, we’re never moving again,” Deanna said. “We considered a lot of different places and one night, I said to Tim ‘Why not Minot, let’s give it a shot.’ All of the sudden, it was like a bulb turned on.”

In addition to their passion for nature and appreciation of city comforts, Minot offers Tim a touch of nostalgia that cannot be found anywhere else.

“When my parents were alive, we would always come here to visit them,” Tim said. “It was always a happy time when we came here. We would visit the Høstfest and State Fair. Minot is a happy place for us.”

From an early age, Tim and his five siblings learned the values of family, community, integrity and service from their parents Chester and Joy Reiten.

“I had a great childhood and I really enjoyed growing up in Minot,” Tim said. “I was always involved in sports and from an early age it was instilled in us to be involved in the community.”

During the holidays, the Reitens would express gratitude and well wishes to family and friends by sending out personalized greetings cards containing an up-to-date Reiten family photograph.

In between holiday celebrations, Tim observed and participated in charitable activities shared by his family as well.

Growing up, Tim discovered the value of kindness, fairness and community service.

Chester Reiten, affectionately known as Chet, was a man of vision, charisma and exceptional diligence.

Regarded as the “Father of western North Dakota television,” Chet, the founder of Reiten Television, was celebrated for his remarkable innovation and loved for his caring nature and respect for people.

“My dad was famous for sending out Christmas cards,” Tim said. “In town, my dad was almost larger than life. He was the mayor, state senator and he owned the big TV station and radio station in town.”

Chet is credited for launching Norsk Høstfest, working his way to eventual ownership of KXMC-TV in Williston and purchasing KXMB-TV in Bismarck along with KXMA-TV in Dickinson.

Through personal leadership and example, Chet taught his children the values of courage, confidence and concentration.

For Tim, these personal traits manifested while competing on Minot High School’s track and field team.

“Growing up, I was very involved in junior high athletics,” Tim said. “I have the 100-yard record in ninth grade and I believe I have the quarter-mile record for high school. I believe I was a part of the mile relay team that had the high school record.”

As a member of three state championship track teams, Tim discovered the value of teamwork and the importance of racing toward a dream.

After graduating from Minot High School in 1976, Tim earned a business administration degree from Concordia College and began his journalism career in 1982.

Described by Tim as his biggest cheerleader, Chet not only encouraged his children, he challenged them.

Before considering Tim for a photography position in Williston, Chet proposed a challenge in the form of a question.

“Would you be interested?” asked Chet.

This question was more than inquiry, it was an opportunity to test skills and sharpen talents so Tim could be of great service to his community.

From taking photographs to reporting the news, with hard work, Tim advanced to anchorman before earning the title of general manager and president of Reiten Television.

While soaring through the television ranks, Tim would fall in love with Deanna, a Realtor in Bismarck.

“When we first met, one of the many things that we had in common was the fact that we both loved to travel,” Tim said. “Not only were we in love with each other, we were travel partners as well.”

Brought together by their passion for traveling, Tim and Deanna’s relationship flourished.

Today, the Reitens are celebrating 16 years of marriage and feel excited about their newest journey in the Magic City.

“We’re taking baby steps,” Tim said. “Minot has been very welcoming and I believe we’re settled now. Everything is unpacked, my man cave is finally done and our challenge is where do we go from here.”

Going to church, watching sunsets, firing up the grill and sharing time with their two canine companions Tucker and Daisy bring great joy to the married couple.

For Tim and Deanna, starting a new chapter in Minot continues to be a magical experience.

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