Charges dismissed against Ice Cold Ryders

Citing a lack of evidence, the Ward County State’s Attorney’s Office filed a motion to dismiss a charge of selling alcohol without a license by the Ice Cold Ryders Motorcycle Club of Minot.

Judge Douglas Mattson agreed and signed an order of dismissal.

Minot Police alleged the Ice Cold Ryders were selling alcoholic beverages without a license, a Class A misdemeaner, following an investigation initiated on Dec. 19, 2015. The Ryders have a clubhouse on Central Avenue downtown. It is a popular gathering spot for club members and guests, primarily as an “after hours” gathering place.

Police say the club was operating “a full bar including a cash register being ran in the building.”

The Ryders contended that they were not selling alcohol but rather accepting donations. The club is registered as a “non-profit” organization but not as a charity. Police contended that the Ryders have never possessed a liquor license through the City of Minot or any type of business license through the city.

Police were called to the area of the clubhouse following a shooting in the adjacent alley that resulted in one person being killed and another wounded. It was at that time that police entered the clubhouse and began actions that included seizing the club’s assets.

The Ice Cold Ryders have requested that the court order the money seized from them be returned, an action the court is expected to approve.


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