Dem-NPL virtual convention delegates endorse six

BISMARCK — Through virtual voting, the Democratic-NPL Party has endorsed six candidates for statewide office as well as several party positions, including national committeewoman and committeeman.
Ten days ago, the Dem-NPL announced the state party would cancel its in-person convention as part of the public health movement responding to the COVID-19 virus and pandemic. Shortly after, Dem-NPL leadership and staff transitioned to online events, such as virtual town halls, video addresses, social media engagement and other forms of digital campaigning.
Saturday’s endorsements were: Governor, Shelley Lenz, a Dickinson veterinarian; Congress, Zach Raknerud, a Minot retail manager; State Treasurer, Mark Haugen, University of Mary graduate adviser, Bismarck; State Auditor, Patrick Hart, small-business owner and contractor, former auditor for the N.D. Department of Agriculture and Public Service Commission, Bismarck; Public Service Commission, Casey Buchmann, Washburn, who had challenged Public Service Commissioners Brian Kroshus in 2018; and Insurance Commissioner, Travisia Martin, a traveling respiratory care practitioner.
An address from each candidate is available online at demnpl.com on the Convention Central page.
“The Dem-NPL is so proud to put forward a slate of candidates who are competent and talented and smart, and who are connected to their communities. They are excited to get to work for all of you representing this great state of North Dakota,” said Party Chairwoman Kylie Oversen.
Sen. Heidi Heitkamp recorded an address for the event.
“Now more than ever it is crucial to be active and involved and willing to put the work in for our statewide and legislative candidates,” she said. “We can, in fact, turn this around. We can, in fact, be part of solutions for our country, but we have to work for it.”
Selected as representatives to the Democratic National Community were Reps. Ruth Buffalo and Josh Boschee, both D-Fargo.