‘Minot’s Got Talent’

Trinity Homes is FINALLY looking for entertainers to come in to our facility to provide entertainment to our residents. We have had some changes at Trinity Homes and the most recent being No More Masks. It was a great day, the day the masks came off, and residents were finally able to see the staff’s faces. COVID positive cases are being handled, per regulations and recommendations from state and federal agencies. If there is a positive case on a unit, only that unit will be affected and will have to follow masking and testing guidelines.

Since we have not had any outside entertainment into our facility for almost 3 years, we are looking for any past entertainers that are still interested in coming back, and any new talent to come in. Our own activity staff have been doing a wonderful job providing the residents with a variety of daily activities, both in and out of the facility, however the residents would love to see some new faces and hear a live band, see some live dancers, watch a good juggler, or hear some Christmas music, as Christmas is fast approaching.

Sadly, we still can’t have any entertainers under 18 years old, or any pets in the facility. At this time, all entertainment will be scheduled in the 1st floor Core area.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in sharing your talent with the residents at Trinity Homes, please call Shelly Swearson at 857-5911 or Nermita Tack at 857-5905, to work out a date and time.


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