Wentz on rehab during the honeymoon: ‘I’ve been getting some workouts in’

PHILADELPHIA — Coming off season-ending knee surgery that cut short his MVP caliber 2017 season, Philadelphia Eagles fans should expect the possibility that Carson Wentz might need to shake off a little bit of rust as he enters the 2018 season.

As it turns out, that rust may also apply when responding to reporters’ questions.

During a press conference held after the Eagles’ opening day of training camp Thursday, July 26, Wentz took to the podium following comments to reporters from teammate Nick Foles and head coach Doug Pederson.

When a reporter asked Wentz how his recovery and rehab was going while balancing a wedding and honeymoon, well, things got a bit interesting.

“It was a great balance this summer just being back in North Dakota doing some things with the foundation (AO1 Foundation) and just finding ways to keep getting workouts in and even on the honeymoon just finding ways to keep getting little rehab in and things like that … but it was an amazing summer I will say that,” Wentz replied to the reporter.

Seeking further clarification on Wentz’s comment, the same reporter pressed Wentz again with a follow up question asking him what he meant by “rehab on his honeymoon.”

“I got some workouts in,” said Wentz with a confident demeanor.

Seconds later, the room of reporters breaks out in laughter. Wentz follows along, donning a grin from ear-to-ear and a chuckle to boot. Then, he realized what he just said.

“In the fitness center!” Wentz smirkingly clarified.

The laughter ensued, and Wentz continued on with the remainder of his press conference.

Wentz, 25, married Madison Oberg on Saturday, July 14, at The Lake House Inn, a private waterfront estate on Lake Nockamixon in Perkasie, Penn.