Continuing tradition

Cameron Bolinski lives for soccer

Ciara Parizek/MDN Cameron Bolinski, front, speeds ahead to keep control of the ball at a soccer game against the Dickinson Midgets on Oct. 2.

Minot High School senior athlete Cameron Bolinski is the youngest of three in his family who plays soccer, following the example that his older brothers set for him.

He began playing at the young age of three, playing recreational soccer. When he was old enough, he went into travel soccer. In middle school, the opportunity arose for him to play for Jim Hill and he has continued on school teams.

Throughout Bolinski’s years playing American futbol, he has played every position except for goalie. His current position is defensive mid.

“I think I like center back more,” he said. “I control more of the game. I like to see the whole field. I never, never want to play goalie. It’s just not me!”

Bolinski’s favorite part about soccer is being part of a team and having friends to practice and grow with. Whether they win or lose, they win or lose together as friends and teammates, using their experiences to improve themselves and each other.

The teammates he has are the ones he’s been playing with for several years, so their bonds are strong and work well as a whole.

Thankfully, the outbreak of COVID-19 didn’t affect the soccer season too much. For the state tournament, the number of players on the team had to be slightly dropped for social distancing purposes and reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

One of Bolinski’s strengths, he feels, is his ability to move the ball on the field.

“I might be slow at times,” he added, “but I think I’m pretty good at moving the ball. I feel like I have a good height, so I can have the ball much easier.”

In all his years of playing soccer, he’s won medals from his traveling teams and he’s received plaques from soccer camps at Minot State University.

After going to those camps, the thought of being a soccer coach stuck itself in his mind. He said he did try to coach a younger team that was around the age of seven, but it was a bit difficult. Children that young typically like to just go out and have fun with their friends, along with having somewhat short attention spans sometimes.

Bolinski said that his coaching experience may have been different if he would have had the chance to coach older players. They can have better attention spans and are able to better understand strategy. It may be something to pick back up again, but he isn’t absoutely certain yet.

Playing for a college is on his list of things he wants to do in life, too. The college he has been eyeing lately is St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. It’s still relatively close to home for him and he plans on majoring in business.

Starting a business has been on his mind for a long time, wanting to start his own business. As to what that business will be, Bolinski isn’t sure. Real estate is a possibility, as he likes to look at houses and would like to sell them too.

Even after college, he hopes to continue playing on recreational leagues for adults so he would not have to give up his favorite past time.

Being able to play many different positions and having such a love for the sport and his teammates have kept Bolinski going in the sport of soccer, and he doesn’t plan on giving it up easily or any time soon. Perhaps in the future, he may once again take up coaching to share his passion for soccer to others, just like his brothers did for him.


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