COVID-19 Survey Scam

Survey Scam

As COVID-19 continues, scam artists find new and creative ways to use the pandemic to fraudulently obtain personal information from unsuspecting older adults.

Scammers are sending fake vaccine surveys through email or text saying they’ll pay cash, often a $50 gift card, for completing the survey in exchange for personal, medical, or financial information.

The Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice have warned that the fake surveys ask for a credit card and/or bank information from the victims in order to claim their “free prize.” The scammers may claim the credit card number is needed for a “small shipping fee.” The victims are also instantly exposed to identity theft, and their personal information may be sold on the dark web.

The FBI warns that once the scammers obtain the victim’s information, they may use it to submit fraudulent claims to Medicare, Medicaid, or other health care insurers.

Medicare Cards

Scammers continue to convince beneficiaries that new COVID-19 Medicare cards are being issued. Medicare cards do not expire. CMS is not issuing new plastic Medicare cards to replace your paper card. CMS is not issuing new Medicare cards with a microchip. CMS is not issuing new Medicare cards due to COVID-19. CMS is NOT issuing new Medicare cards and anyone contacting you about this is attempting to steal your information.

Reporting Medicare Fraud

ND Senior Medicare Patrol helps seniors prevent, detect and report Medicare fraud. If you suspect you, or someone you know, has been a victim of a Medicare scam, contact the ND SMP at ndsmp@minotstateu.edu or call 1-800-233-1737.

Source of information: https://www.smpresource.org/News/20211020/472/Fake-Vaccine-Surveys-Hit-Text-Email.aspx


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