Hello Seniors:

There is a silver lining in every dark cloud hanging over us with this pandemic. Here at Trinity Homes we are gearing up for that day when everything will get back to normal. In between time we have been trying new activities like:

Games: Hungry hippo, (a clothes basket attach a long 4ft stick to it, put assortment of two dozen plastic baseball size colored balls in center of circle. Place four residents around form a circle. The object of the game is the resident hold the stick with basket and try to get the most balls on the floor under his basket and bring back to where he started from. The most balls win receive a door prize.

Horse Races. Tape out six lanes with numbers, put residence on a number, each resident rolls the dice to move up the lane, the resident that get to the end wins.

Outside Fun: We also put a smile on our resident’s face with the ice cream truck coming twice a month, sitting on the patio enjoying different flavors of hard ice cream cones. Hosting also watermelon contest, enjoying our garden, letting our resident sample our fresh vegetables. Resident love going on walks or just sitting outdoors enjoying our flowers. We also will be having theme day doing a Hawaii luau, mini Hostfest, Western Days, & Farmers Day.

Special music: Frost fire Park Alumni’s concerts, “Just 4 You- Tube Series “summer theater from Walhalla North Dakota. Residents enjoyed each concert Grand Ole Country, Fabulous Fifties, Swing Time. Another online concert was view was Jessie Veeder, singer, song writer from Watford City North Dakota. We also have our staff singing to our residents and bringing up local talent on you tube.

With each activity, we practice our safe distancing, face mask & eye shield & hand washing.

Be safe but remember to stop and smell the roses

God blesses.


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