Who hasn’t been frustrated at one point or another searching for a misplaced phone or car keys?

Looking for lost items has the potential to zap efficiency and waste a lot of time. A 2017 “Lost & Found Survey” by Pixie, a smart location solution for iPhones, says the average American wastes 2.5 days a year just looking for lost stuff. In addition, $2.7 billion is spent each year replacing misplaced items. Items that most commonly go missing include television remotes, phones, car and house keys, glasses, shoes, and wallets. In addition to using tracking devices to keep tabs on commonly misplaced things, there are other steps people can take to avoid misplacing their belongings. Create a designated place to store frequently used items. That means each day a set of keys should be taken and returned to a hook by the door or in a table in the entryway to your home. Remotes should be kept in a specific spot, too, perhaps right by the television or on an end table next to the couch. Avoid distractions as much as possible when handling these items, so you are certain you return them to their correct locations. Plus, don’t be lazy. Placing items back where they belong each and every time instead of dropping them anywhere not only helps keep things from going missing, but also contributes to a tidy home.


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