Senior activities to enjoy this spring

After enduring a long winter of harsh snow storms and cold, bitter temperatures, it’s quite comforting to know that spring is quickly approaching, which means warmer, more pleasant weather is right around the corner. What better way to welcome the fresh new season than by spending some of your free time outdoors in the sunshine? Don’t let Mother Nature have all the fun join her outside and try one of these fun springtime activities!

Get Outside! Senior Activities to Enjoy This Spring

– Do some gardening. Gardening is undoubtedly one of the best spring activities for seniors. Even if you have some limited mobility, modifications can be made to allow you to participate in many garden activities. Pulling weeds and planting flowers increases your physical activity levels by improving flexibility and endurance. Gardening has mental health benefits too; it can relax you, reduce your stress and give you a rewarding feeling of accomplishments.

– Start a daily walking routine. Walking is one of the best exercises for seniors, and spring is the perfect season to head outside and enjoy a walk through the neighborhood or nearby park. If you can, find a buddy to walk with to help make this a social activity you look forward to daily.

– Start spring cleaning tasks. Did you know clutter can increase stress levels? It’s true! Getting organized is a great spring cleaning chore, so take a few days and start going through spaces in your home and cleaning out some of the items you no longer need daily. You can even get family members to help and share memories as you go through your belongings. Plus, they can help you make some decisions about what to keep and what to donate, sell or throw away.

– Enjoy a picnic in the park. Pack a picnic basket with some snacks, grab a blanket and find a grassy area to sit outside or a picnic table to bask in the sun to get some much-needed vitamin D, just don’t forget your sunscreen. Enjoy lunch on your favorite patio or at a restaurant.

– Feed the birds. Bird watching is a stimulating activity many seniors enjoy. Head to a park and feed the ducks and geese some cracked corn, or hang a bird feeder outside your window to enjoy watching them feast right in the comfort of your home.

– Have fun with grandkids. Children love being outside, so find some activities you can enjoy together. For instance, kite-flying or drawing pictures with sidewalk chalk, a stroll at the zoo, or even taking them to the park.

– Shop at local farmer’s market. Spring is a great season to visit farmers markets in your area and wander through them, plus you can potentially get some great deals on fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers or crafts.

– Go fishing. You can venture to many fishing spots, even those who are wheelchair bound can cast from a pier, bridge or dock. Peruse your area for the perfect fishing spot.

– Go see a show. Weather a local theatre production or a fancy opera; getting dressed up and having a fun evening watching a show adds not only a little fun to senior-life but also some culture.

What senior activities will you enjoy this spring?


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