There are times when a parent, spouse or family member may come to need assistance in his or her daily life. This can prove to be difficult, emotional, and stressful for all those involved. Many families may find themselves at a crossroads. Thankfully, there are a multitude of tools and support to help aid in these circumstances.

One of the simplest places to start is with some basic lists. These lists can aid greatly in the decisionmaking process. Include your parent(s)/spouse in the process whenever possible. It will help them to see that you are cooperating to help find out what will be best for them, rather than as trying to take away their independence. After all, the goal is to help the family member be as healthy and happy as possible, and to assist in living their best life!

First, stop and think about your own situation and abilities. Are you willing to learn how to provide the care your parent or spouse needs? Do you live close enough to provide said care? If not, are you willing or able to live with them, or have them live with you? Do you both have the personalities and personal relationship that will foster a healthy environment for all? An honest assessment at this point is requires. If not, you may get yourself into a situation that’s not sustainable. It won’t help either party if you burn out physically or emotionally, or if you start to feel angry or resentful.

Next, make a list of everything your older adult needs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis; and the costs associated with that. Be realistic about how much help the family is able and willing to provide.

It’s important to think in terms of non-going, long-term help.

After an honest assessment, you should have some idea of the next steps. If the emotional, physical or financial aspects seem prohibitive, there are options. Assisted living facilities can provide “Goldeners” with a wide range of care for varying abilities.

Just a few of the benefits of moving to an assisted living facility such as The View are:

Meals, transportation, housekeeping, and group activities are provided.

Family can focus on the relationship, rather than on worry and care duties.

As your loved one needs more care, either long-term or short-term, services can be adjusted accordingly.

Staff is highly trained and knowledgeable regarding health and service needs.

Your senior has more opportunities for social interaction, which tend to decrease as we age.

Armed with open communication, soul-searching and lists, it can still be an overwhelming and daunting decision. We at The View truly understand, and we can help. For questions, concerns or a tour please call Heather Mongeon; Resident Services Manager at 852-7700.