Minot Commission on Aging is here for you

Submitted Photos The Minot Commission on Aging works to offer seniors in Minot and seven different counties around North Dakota services and care to help make their lives better. Services include Meals on Wheels, foot care clinics, activities and more.

The Minot Commission on Aging has been offering programs and assistance to seniors in the Minot area and seven different counties for over 45 years. Their mission is to assist senior citizens so that they can remain in their homes and independent. For the MCA, “there’s no place like home.”

The purpose of MCA is to promote understanding of the various problems of the senior citizens in the community while promoting and implementing various programs to help meet the needs and solve the problems of senior citizens.

To meet their mission and purposes, MCA offers a variety of activities along with Foot Care Clinics, Meals on Wheels, the Parker Center Coffee Shop, and Prairie Rose Homecare services. Everything they do is to benefit seniors in their reach.

Their most popular program, Meals on Wheels, serves around 500 meals a day. The service works to provide senior citizens with home delivered, congregate, and frozen meals depending on their needs.

As a Title III program, the meals are paid for on a donation basis.

“No one is denied a meal just because they can’t pay for it,” explained Roger Reich. “There is no fee for the services.”

The service relies heavily on volunteers to help make and deliver the meals to those receiving them. According to Reich, it would be impossible without the 300 to 400 volunteer base they have.

“Without volunteers, it would be almost impossible to get it done in the time frame,” he said.

MCA is very thankful for everyone who works with them to help them run their programs and to offer what they do to the senior citizens of the many counties and towns they serve.

“It’s very important that we help those seniors who can’t always get out,” he said.

Other Title III programs include their Foot Care Clinics and the various senior activities they work to offer. These programs, according to Reich, can be utilized by anyone 60 years of age or older in the many communities that MCA offers them. All it takes to be qualified is to be a senior citizen.

They work to offer services that make the lives of seniors easier, including a special service during the fall and winter to help seniors with enrollment in Medicare Part D.

One service that MCA offers that is reserved for the Minot community and its surrounding area is Prairie Rose Homecare services. Services offered by Prairie Rose include housekeeping, laundry, errands/general shopping, grocery shopping, meal preparation/baking, correspondence, companionship, respite and personal cares.

Reich explained that “Prairie is for seniors and those with special needs in the community.”

The Minot Commission on Aging services the Minot area alongside seven counties including Bottineau County, Burke County, McHenry County, Renville County and Ward County.

To find a service for you or for more information, Richard Reich invites anyone interested to contact MCA at 852-0661. Staff will help answer questions and direct you to where you need to go.