The idea that an active lifestyle leads to a healthier, happier life is not a new one. It is historically and concretely backed by science; and as an Activities Assistant for retirement living at The View, I get to witness it first-hand every day.

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, “healthy” is defined, in part, as “showing physical, mental, or emotional well-being”. However, the aging process affects all areas of our lives, particularly the physical. Addressing this as early as possible can have a snowball effect on other aspects of our overall well-being. Take, for instance, a fall, a surgical procedure, or even a bad cold. All of these take a toll on our bodies and our minds; and in the elderly, a tremendous amount of effort to overcome. If we are already participating in some form of exercise program, chances are greater that the healing process will be both easier and faster. If you are not already doing some sort of regular exercise, now is the time. As demonstrated by our residents here at The View, it is never too late to start!

When a person thinks of an active lifestyle, they may picture long mountain hikes or extensive bicycle trips. Although both are excellent activities; they are often not realistic for many people in their 70’s, 80’s, and beyond. At The View, our Activities Staff offers a well-rounded exercise program. We have classes in our Medora Room each morning, Monday through Friday. We offer seated work-outs that include cardio, weights, strength and balance, TheraBand and ball work. We fit the exercises to each individual’s needs, abilities, and/or restrictions. We also train and encourage our residents to use the work-out center. Frequently, a physical therapist or physician will assign injury-specific treatment or exercises. These are to be done in addition to a regular routine, unless otherwise directed by a professional. We want our residents to live long, active, and healthy lives; and we want that for you too!