Borders, fall of Roman Empire & today’s Democrats

America has a lot of free stuff. Get to the United States and you will be able to have nearly everything taken care of by the U.S. government. That seems to be the prevailing wisdom held by many migrants who make the journey from Central America through Mexico to our southern border, and eventually, with our lax immigration policies, into America.

It should be noted that two of the many reasons why the Roman Empire failed is because they were unable to protect their borders and the lavish spending of their Emperor Nero which brought on an economic recession.

Back during the Roman Empire, it was the Huns and the Eastern Empire breaching Roman borders. These civilizations were seeking a better place to live. The difference between these folks and those who are invading America today is that the invaders at Rome’s gate were prepared to fight their way onto the land. For today’s invaders, there’s no need for that. They are welcomed with open arms. Unfortunate.

Countries have borders, which they control for their own protection. Most countries allow new people to enter only systematically, legally. We forget this point, or the Biden administration is not able to manage this situation.

Forget about the risk of spreading COVID-19 and the possible encroachment of drug cartels and the drug trade the results of which play an integral role in the nightly carnage on our streets, many of these people could be seeking to do us harm in other ways. We truly have no idea. If these folks wore (military) uniforms the threat would be clear and everyone would see the inevitable danger.

Vice President Harris, the border czar, was seeking the root cause. That is as clear as asking why birds fly – to get to one point to another point. Answer: America gives free stuff!

Let us start with food, shelter, education, and healthcare, including Medicaid. The Democrats, if they get their way with their Build Back Better $3.5 trillion package, would be able to have free community college, as well as free Universal Pre-K, free family leave, free childcare. There would be little the U.S. government would not provide even for someone forcing their way into America. So, why not make the journey?

Who pays?

By law, some entitlements have established the means/resources to always be able to pay its recipients, at least theoretically, such as Social Security and Medicare. While other entitlements like food nutrition programs and housing assistance are far more unruly and pays out to recipients from tax revenues or tax increases from the rest of society. The latter are considered a safety net for deserving and needy Americans.

The Democrats want to increase the latter group, plus expand Medicare benefits which could be fatal to our fiscal stability. Already we spend 62 percent of our budget on entitlements, 8 percent on servicing our nearly $29 trillion debt, and 15 percent on our national defense. This leaves only three nickels for all discretionary spending. Going beyond, adds to the $29 trillion debt.

To say that the new programs filled with FREE STUFF will be “paid for” at least for X number of years is being disingenuous. It is not like Social Security or Medicare. In those programs we all contribute via our FICA and through Medicare deductions from our paychecks. Those dollars are placed in a trust account within the federal government. Those of working age help fund the respective trust accounts so those who are retired rightfully have those promised benefits.

Primary and secondary education is provided for every American as we pay for it in state and local taxes, mainly property taxes. The extension of free education for all Pre-K children must also have a permanent revenue stream or else it will be added to our $29 trillion national debt.

All new programs must have a permanent source of revenue as there has never been a social entitlement program that has not become permanent.

So, the border and getting FREE STUFF is where we stand today in Congress. Democrats refuse to see or address one of America’s biggest crises. They would rather have “fun” going after a former president to hold him accountable for a horrible event at the U.S. Capitol that happened nearly 10 months ago.

And let us recall Nero. It has been said that he enjoyed playing the fiddle while Rome burned. The Democrat-controlled Congress seems to find solace in the drama they may have helped create by ignoring warning signs prior to the January 6 riot.

Yet, the problems in America persist.


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