Closing schools not financial solution

Edana Kitzmann, Minot

So the final answer is $6 million on shortfall. Four to five weeks ago the savings number was $1.8-2 million. The numbers get larger as time goes by, it seems. The savings number now is $3-3.5 million.

To receive “assistance” from the “state school fund” to get through the MPS school budget economic crisis would work, or is that the “foot in the door” to 100% state funding that some are scared of? If the state school fund furnishes 100% for ALL school districts, where will the “rainy day” money come from when it is depleted? Think it through.

What do you want five-10 years from now when the property has already been sold and you need more school buildings? I’m not convinced that closing schools and selling the property is economical. God willing, we have more years to educate young people.


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