School lunch is back on docket

Deven Mantz, Minot

You know what’s cooler than having piles of cash sitting around in the state’s coffers? Feeding the next generation.

Right now, we have many public-school boards that shame our children when they don’t have enough money in their lunch accounts. This needs to stop. Not only that, but kids should not have to worry about that, ever.

During the pandemic, the federal government stepped in and paid for every meal for children at public school. This was an overwhelming success. Unfortunately, they stopped the funding for this. Fortunately, North Dakota has plenty of money to be able to provide meals at public school, and for some children, this is their only meal they will get that day.

Communities and organizations should come to the Capitol in Bismarck and testify in support for these bills — that have found their way to the legislature — that support our children. If you can’t, there are ways to send your testimony in through written statement online. We mandate that children go to school; we should take care of them when there.

North Dakota is having a workforce issue, that is, having trouble keeping and attracting new workers to the state. We can, and should be enticing families to move here because we are willing to take care of them when they come. Support HB 1494 and HB 1491!


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