Thank you for Hometown magazine

Lucille Loftesnes


This is a comment on the Neighbors Hometown publication supplement to your fine newspaper which appeared Sept 24, 2022. 

To my liking and to many others, I am certain, there is nothing better than a reason to be AMAZED.  It was truly an AMAZING happening upon receiving the recent Saturday’s supplement “Neighbors Hometown.”  Every single article, citing the citizens and community which were being covered, caused me to feel privileged  as a lifetime ND citizen, by what I read in those pages and pictures!  I learned about places and faces in our great state of ND that I had not known about previously.  I hope the beautiful fall weather will remain to give many the opportunity to take a family member, neighbor or friend and traverse these North Dakota places, being AMAZED at what is to be found in them.  I am assured this was the intent by some very capable reporters.  In addition, the many businesses that supported the same with their colorful ads, made for some great weekend reading for me and I hope many others.


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