NDGOP chairman must go

Ron Shaw


Since I have not gotten any satisfaction or return courtesy from the NDGOP on this, I am asking (demanding) for the resignation of Perrie Schafer as state chairman of the NDGOP. #1 for his treatment of me in the Republican headquarters December 18, telling the security guard to call the police, then #2 for his lying about that call in the Bismarck Tribune article Dec 21st and then avoiding to answer that lie on a call-in radio program….running it around the universe and not admitting to the lie.

If a fella will lie about the little things, he is capable of lying about ANYTHING, if it fits. Also, his demand to Bob Wheeler of Underwood, ND, that he take down a Facebook post last Tuesday morning regarding Chet Pollert’s announcement that he is not seeking re-election. What right does Mr. Schafer think he has to demand that anyone relinquish his First Amendment rights and be stripped from him to fit HIS (Perrie’s) own agenda? How ballzy/brazen!

I have talked with others who have dealt with his strong-arm tactics of them, too. This man does not have the integrity to run anything. AND must be removed.


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