Vote yes for opportunity

Andrew J. Dittus, Minot

As a former Minot Public Schools Graduate, I highly encourage all families, business owners, or even parents of parents to younger families to express your right to vote for an incredible opportunity. I have watched this town grow and all the growing pains that have come with it. I’ve watched kids get displaced, watched kids miss out on academic and athletic opportunities, and now we are finally given the opportunity for this much needed plan to become a reality. By voting yes, Minot will not only become a more attractive city for future families, but it will also provide more kids the opportunities of making that athletic team that they may not have made before due to the number of kids trying out. It will allow them to participate in many desired classes and academic programs that they may not have been subject to. Let’s enrich our kids with this better rounded academic and athletic opportunity to help grow our community and adapt to the never-ending changes.


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