Vote yes to move forward

Mark Hildahl


As a lifelong resident of Minot, I am writing in support of the upcoming Minot Public School initiative on December 7. I hope the residents of Minot will also support these initiatives.

While our city has been faced with many challenges over the years, I am proud that when called on, our citizens have stepped up to support important improvements for our city. Even when they have no “direct” benefit, the “common good” has prevailed eventually to make things better for our city and especially our children. This school expansion issue has reached a point where it is again time to move forward to meet the current and future needs of our community.

Many things in education have changed since I attended the downtown campus of Minot High School. Even though we had very large class numbers, we received a great education for the time. As we all know that all things change over time, the needs for a continued great educational setting have changed as well. What we had before does not serve our needs at this time and going forward.

The proposal placed before us at this time leverages our resources to provide a modern, updated setting for our middle school and high school students. In addition, the second and third sections of the proposals looks to the current and future situations to provide an even brighter future for Minot.

Even though I don’t have children in the school system at this time, I need to support the improvements on behalf of all of the people who provided for me when I was “using” the services of a great education system and community facilities. The children of current and future generations deserve our support as well.

I trust our community to see the need and look at the whole plan for our future and vote “YES” for the 3 measures before us on December 7.


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