Where Are The Workers – Part 2

Todd Berning, President, EPIC Companies, West Fargo

In response to Mr. Bob Ziegler’s letter to the editor in The Minot Daily News, Blu on Broadway is on time and on budget. I wish evaluating a project was as easy as a daily drive-by.

Blu on Broadway, open this fall, will be home to 42 affordable housing units and multiple commercial businesses. It will also increase the tax base for the community and hold a prominent location on Broadway, I think that all speaks for itself.

I hope the community of Minot, where I was raised and still do business, understands the positive side of the public parking ramps. I was not involved with any part of the parking ramp; we need to accept the fact they were built. I am confident that the City of Minot leadership will figure out a way to make them an asset and springboard to further redevelopment downtown.

Soon Trinity Hospital will move to its much-needed new facility that raises the bar for healthcare in northwest North Dakota. This move will set the stage for downtown Minot to embrace those former locations and create a very walkable, vibrant, and active downtown. These active lifestyle districts are being developed all over the country to improve underutilized areas. Fortunately, the City of Minot already has commitments from several investors to continue the development in downtown.

Minot was not built on interstates, major airports, etc. Minot was built on a positive “can do” attitude. Let us stay focused on what Minot CAN DO!


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