Master wordsmiths of the Left

Andrew Allis, Granville

Are things now beginning to take on increased clarity, my less than discerning fellow American citizens, those of you who naively believed, or wanted to believe anyway, dictatorial Governors and federal “health experts” when they said the draconian and unconstitutional responses to Covid-19, such as home lock-downs, mask mandates, business closures (except for abortion clinics, pot dispensaries, liquor stores, illegal immigrants, and mass protesting & rioting of course) were all about “public health” and not about Leftist politics and gaining more control and power over the citizenry?

Seeing the craven response, the sheep-like obsequious submission of most of the American populace, along with the Churches, to their hyped fear-mongering narrative, and the people’s surprising willingness to give up their Constitutional rights to such an extent that it was startlingly unexpected, even to the totalitarian Left, they’re now emboldened to take away your Second Amendment rights under the same ruse.

Revoking your right to keep and bare arms now equals “public heath safety,” according to this administration, just like infrastructure now means unprecedented massive spending for socialism and the green new deal, child and elderly care, and more money for their allies in the NEA and for the mismanaged blue states. Always remember: “The one who frames the terms of a debate almost always wins that debate,” and the Left are master wordsmiths, absolutely unparalleled in their skill of changing the meaning of words . . . you know, like the murder of unborn babies equals “women’s heath care,” crushing taxation being called “your contribution and investment in the future” (as if it’s voluntary!), illegal alien equals “undocumented worker,” equality under the law now changed to “equity” (socialistic guaranteed outcome), as well as, “tolerance, diversity, & inclusion” now meaning intolerance for, and exclusion of, conservative Americans and their views. Pay close attention to the Left’s euphemisms, and their changing of the meanings of words, and their agenda will be more easily discerned.


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