Not enough COVID information released

Bruce Stroklund, Minot

It has been said, ” that the dissemination of good information to the public, reduces the amount of rumors in the community.”

After two days of very high COVID numbers in Ward County, all the public gets out of our 1st District Health Unit and local leaders, is a news release on the local TV station, “That a news conference is “TBA.”

This on their Friday night 6 p.m. newscast.

What is the public supposed to do, wait four days for an update?

What places, what activities, should they be avoiding this weekend?

Is it wide-spread? Or is it a couple hot spots?

All we hear is education and contact tracing are what is going to make the public smart and they will do it the ND Smart Way!

Again, in these times of upheaval, in our community, the public deserves better, from our agencies and/or leaders!

(A very concerned father and grandfather, to citizens of Minot, and Ward County)


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