Empty shelves, empty hearts

Wayne Rowe, Minot

I went shopping on Saturday with my wife to get our groceries and other needed items. One item needed unfortunately was toilet paper.

I couldn’t believe what I saw at Walmart. Empty shelves, no toilet paper, food shelves bare, some areas of the drugs bare.

I immediately felt that somehow, I wasn’t getting the same message through the media as everyone else. Nothing since, and I take care to watch the news and read it on my phone, mentioned that communities should take on a mass hysteria. Nothing that I have read or seen indicates that hoarding toilet paper is going to help with the coronavirus.

Yes, we have been told to do social distancing… Guess what if you were involved with the mass shopping on Saturday morning that emptied the shelves at Walmart and other stores – I bet you were in a crowd.

We only have one case in the entire state – yes he is in Ward County but seriously folks. One person and everyone has lost their minds.

As Congressman Nunes said – there is not a shortage of food or toilet paper in the country. If this current hysteria is the new norm for North Dakota – we are all in trouble until this virus is contained.

Listen to the news people – being anxious about it is not helping your own health. The people that are most at risk are those that have underlying health issues and are over 50. Yes, it apparently gets worse as one is higher up in age. Of course we have one group that I know of in Minot that is in danger. All the wonderful people that are currently fighting cancer and are on chemo.

Instead of just making sure you have enough toilet paper for the rest of the year – how about you think about all the people that might not be able to easily get out and purchase items at a store. How about a little more calm and curbing your desire to spend $500 when you are leaving Walmart. There are people in Minot that are taking it one step at a time, including my wife and I. How about leaving some food on the shelves for those that come behind you.

Again I yell out – One confirmed case in Ward County (as of this writing). If this is how the citizens of Ward County / Minot are going to respond with one case – I really don’t want to picture our community if we unfortunately hit 10 cases.

I challenge everyone to show the rest of the country how to respond to a crisis – and that is being calm. I hope I never have to see fights in Walmart over toilet paper or food.

How would you explain a fight to your children and seeing someone arrested potentially for fighting over food? Please, citizens of Minot and Ward County, buy your groceries as you need, maybe even a little extra but remember the next person. Remember social distancing.


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