Thanks for the road assistance

John Ploof, Minot

Thursday’s light snow made the roads quite slippery. I found out the hard way.

On my way down 6th St. NW to the MSU dome, I tried to make a left hand turn just above the football practice field. Halfway through the turn, my front-wheel-drive minivan decided to go straight and I found myself stuck on a downhill slope over the curb. My attempts to free myself only made it worse.

Fortunately, two men showed up in a pickup and tried to push me out, but were unable to because of the downhill tilt of the van. I thanked them for trying, but rather than give up, they told me they would be back with more help.

A few minutes later, they were back, along with two or three more pickups, a couple ATVs – about eight or nine guys, some with shovels. Needless to say, within a couple minutes, I was “unstuck” and back on the road.

They turned down my offer for “libation” or cash. No idea where those guys came up with so much help in such short order, but I suspect at least some of them came from MSU. Thanks again, guys!