Trump robbed of presidency

Dan Reinhard, Minot

To those that followed the endless Mueller investigation proceedings they might have reached the same conclusion that President Trump declared: it was a witch hunt.

The outcome revealed that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are not comrades nor was the President charged with obstruction of justice.

But many might have also discovered that the entire proceedings were nothing more than an attempt to deny Trump his rightful position as President of the United States. I now believe that a grossly corrupted FBI, Department of Justice and other members of the Washington administration attempted a coup to take down Trump.

Although the actions within the Mueller investigation were conducted by lawyers which were contributors and/or members of the Democratic Party, that fervently wanted to provide evidence of collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice, which they did not, they still did achieve a “partial coup.”

After this unprecedented travesty, by delaying the final outcome of the Mueller Report till after the 2018 midterm elections, they assured that the House of Representatives would flip from Republican to Democrat control and give California Representative Nancy Pelosi the gavel for Speaker of the House.

I understand that the outcome of congressional midterm elections most often flip to the opposite Party that was in the majority. But I believe if the Mueller Report was finalized before the midterm elections, as it should have been, that would not have been the case in 2018. Look what recently happened in the special congressional elections in North Carolina. Although the Democratic Party spent tens of millions of dollars, most contributed from outside the state, yet both Republican candidates won their seats. Keep in mind however, both candidates received campaign rally help from President Trump and VP Mike Pence.

If Jerry Nadler, D-NY, continues his quest for impeachment proceedings of our President, he might want to look back in history to discover what happened to many Republican representatives that voted for the Clinton impeachment proceedings. He might also discover that is how Adam Schiff, D-Calif., was able to unseat his predecessor in 2001. But that’s just my opinion…


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