We need the wall – now

Phil Weigel


Statistics are the most easily manipulated data in the world without being wrong.

For example, in a single NFL game, a running back has 20 rushes for 100 yards and a touchdown. Good stats. Until you look at the actual details and you find that 19 of those rushes totaled 38 yards as one run was a 62-yard touchdown run. Suddenly those good stats don’t seem so good, do they?

Another example is the 2016 Presidential election. If I said that President Trump won 86% of the country, I would be correct as he won that many counties in the country.

After all, as it’s said, 69% of the time, statistics are completely made up.

Which brings me to my point. In the June 1st edition of the Minot Daily News, Tony Bender of the Fargo Forum was using stats that, while true, are misleading in their entirety to “prove” why he thinks Trump is bad.

As a side note, the real skunk in the White House left after 2008 with the second, even smellier, skunk leaving after 2016.

Mr. Bender points out that President Obama had an astounding 11.6% job rate growth! Astounding!

There are a few facts that he’s leaving out. 1: 50% of those jobs added were just to get back to the levels of employment that was there when the Great Recession started. 2: Even Obama’s own White House admits that nearly 95% of those jobs (over 10 million in total) were temporary or part-time, meaning that between 500,000 and 600,000 jobs were good-paying or permanent.

Mr. Bender also brings up that median income was up more under Obama during his final two years. Except one problem. When adjusted for inflation, the median income in the U.S. was LESS when Obama left office than when he took over.

Don’t take my word for it! The Census Bureau’s own report says that Obama’s economy was a failure.

“But the recession!”

Wages were already falling before the recession took full effect.

“But illegals are pouring in! That’s proof Trump’s failed!”

More like Democrats are encouraging people to pour over the border and hope that Trump doesn’t get to put the “Are you a US Citizen” on the census so they can get more power. And if you think I’m wrong, ask yourself this, why did Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi get upset when Trump suggested sending illegals to their districts, which are all Sanctuary Cities and States?

The answer is simple, their areas are already solidly blue (a glass of water with a D by its name can win, as Pelosi pointed out), but they need to change those pesky red areas blue so they can win more elections.

As an aside, I recently watched a video by Mark Dice on Youtube where he talked about people who used a GoFundMe page to fund part of the wall. While it was being built, there was actually a group of illegals trying to sneak through that portion of the border, but as soon as they saw the wall in the way, they turned around and left.

It only proves that walls work and we need them up now.