Careful where you move to

Lloyd Kvam

Reno, Nev.

I moved to Reno, Nev., on 1-31-19. I was given some assurances that I would be able to continue my medication in Reno that I had been on for several years. That has not been the case.

On 1-1-19 The Nevada State Legislature passed some laws restricting doctors to function like doctors. Family doctors cannot prescribe narcotics. One has to go to pain management clinics or doctors to get opioids. A special license is needed and even the ER doctors for the most part don’t have the license. So if you are in a lot of pain don’t rely on the ER for help.

For three months I’ve been in and out of withdrawal pains as the doctors here are very reluctant to prescribe the medication that I’ve needed. They are afraid.

There are a lot of addicts here and the state of Nevada is trying to clean up the mess that has been going on for too long. In doing so, however, the state has hurt people like me that only take what is prescribed. Now a flip of the coin is needed again so doctors here can do their jobs without being afraid.

Be very careful when moving to another state. North Dakota is still a very good place to live. If you relocate check and double check to make sure you will get the help you need. Every state will have their own rules and regulations especially involving health care.