Lehner’s visit appreciated

Jake Thrailkill


“Wild as The North Dakota Wind” is not just a great lyric to a Lexi Wyman tune, but is also one way I would describe Dr. Mark Lehner and his passion for archeology. Mark, a graduate of Minot High School class of 1968 was in Minot to share information about his latest works recently.

He has been seen at both Minot High School campuses and presented at Minot State University, an event that was open to the public. Dr. Lehner is the director of the Ancient Egypt Research Associates. Many publications have referenced and wrote about Mark’s work. He has also authored books and multiple publications.

Personally, I have found Mark’s story to be an inspiration. He made the point that if a guy like him from North Dakota can be a world-renowned archeologist, Egyptologist, and the leading expert on the Giza Plateau, what’s stopping you from chasing your dreams and desires? Attributing some of his success and work ethic to growing up in North Dakota was another theme to his presentation to the students.

The Minot Public School Foundation along with Minot State University and various other community groups were vital to bringing Dr. Lehner to Minot. I had no idea how impactful Mark would be on the world or even on a few lives back here in Minot. Still, it’s difficult to grasp everything he has accomplished and produced for the betterment of humanity by understanding where we came from. Mark’s presentation also showed the correlation between how the Egyptians at the time of the pyramid building are not that different than North Dakotans today. Please take some time to look into Mark’s life work.

I hope that at the conclusion of Mark’s presentations that there were some hearts in the audience that too feel they can be “wild as the North Dakota wind” and chase after their dreams. Mark, Minot is proud of you and would be happy to call you back again. In-Sha-Allah.

Thrailkill is president of the Minot Public School Foundation Board.