Win, what?

Eugene Paulsen


Let’s see, the Minot city council has now hired a planning consultant firm SRF Consulting. Now whose brother-in-law is employed by them? Got to be something like that.

Anyway, Tom Barry is looking for a new City Hall. What about building it on top of one of the useless parking garages, I doubt that any flood waters would reach it. If the water did, we wouldn’t have to worry about the city anyway. It is downtown too. They still need roofs put on them, the new city hall would have that I would assume. The employees will have places to park their cars inside (they’ll still need to pay like the rest of us), square footage for the city hall is up to how much? He (Barry) wants to spend of taxpayers (always taxpayers pay for these idiotic ideas) money. The plan as I understand it was to have apartments on top of the parking garages anyway. It’s a win-win, if you want to call anything this city does a “win” proposition.

The last City Manager and old city council got this city into the unfinished parking garages. Let the current City Manager and “new” city council complete (almost) one of them. I would have to see it to believe it!