Time to update

Casey Buchmann


Hey legislators, it is the 21st century.

Six years ago, our Capitol received an electronic upgrade in audio and video. Many if not all the committee rooms at the Capitol either have the ability for real time audio or real time video. It’s sad that as a constituent and resident of North Dakota I still cannot go online and listen to real time public hearings or committee hearings from our Capitol during the legislative session, or for that matter any time.

I believe that more people would listen or watch what is going on at the Capitol rather than wait and read some watered-down version of what went on behind the scenes.

The passing of the Measure 1 last November will hopefully and finally bring our Capitol into the 21st century. Sadly, there is a lack of “want to” buy the Republican supermajority at the Capitol. They would rather keep the citizens silent and in the dark on what goes on behind the curtain during the legislative session.

Is real time audio or video too much to ask from our elected officials at the Capitol? I think not! I believe this is something we all should demand as citizens of North Dakota. It is time to bring to light and demand that our elected representation here in North Dakota work for the people. It is time to push back the curtain and bring North Dakota into the 21st century.