Pelosi’s immoral shutdown

Frances Lovelace


This letter is regarding the shameful Pelosi Government Shutdown.

While California Rep. Nancy Pelosi happily vacations in Hawaii, knowing all her houses are securely in her hands and all her wealth is protected, thousands of families across our country are struggling on her shutdown to make their monthly mortgages, car payments and insurance, utilities, orthodontist and other vital bills.

Prior to the shutdown, Chuck Schumer was willing to negotiate and compromise, as is the obligation of our elected leaders, until Sen. Pelosi shut him down. She admittedly refuses to do anything to allow the shutdown to be resolved until she gets the gavel of Speaker of the House. This makes it truly the Pelosi Shutdown.

Her secondary goal is to deny the president and the Republicans anything that will help our citizens, because that would be a political win she will not tolerate. It appears she is totally unconcerned with the welfare of everyday Americans.

Is her insatiable quest for power more important to her than our own safety? Does she truly, as it appears, favor illegals over us?

She calls border defense structures “immoral,” to prove her compassion for all the migrants demanding immediate entry under the guise of asylum. If they don’t achieve their goals, thousands of men, women and children every month enter our country anyway, in every illegal manner they can devise that circumvents our laws. Pelosi is an elected official, yet she stands firmly with them, not with the American people she has sworn to protect. Obviously, all American lives are far less important to her than all foreign-born lives.

I wonder why she says it is “immoral” to build a wall that would protect the lives of American families by stemming the onslaught of illegal aliens sneaking into our country, as well as the drugs, criminals and gang members coming across that endanger the lives of millions of American men, women and children?

In her guarded and protected world, she is completely safe and unaffected by the pain and suffering of her fellow Americans. The names of Kate Steinle and Ronil Singh leap to mind, both victims of California’s sanctuary city/state laws, along with hundreds of “Angel Moms” and families that are paying the price for Pelosi putting the safety of Americans last after her ambition.

Apparently to Mrs. Pelosi, untouched by any adverse consequences of her shameful shutdown, we American citizens are not as important or valued as are all illegal aliens.