Heitkamp border security record is terrible

Bernard Olson


I am a retired Border Patrol Agent and I voted for Heidi Heitkamp, but I couldn’t do it again. Her previous job as the top law enforcement official in the state of ND made me think she would be right on crime. As someone whose family and I have over 100 years of enforcing the immigration laws, this issue was dearly important to me. However, after seeing the way she’s voted in Washington, I knew she was wrong for North Dakota.

Now, after listening to her recent advertisements saying she is strong on immigration laws, I knew I had to speak out. Heidi Heitkamp is weak on deportation and enforcing immigration laws. She took an oath to uphold the laws and constitution of the United States; that should include Federal Statue 8USC1325, illegal entry into the United States. Yet, she selectively picks and chooses which laws she believes should be enforced.

Such an idea of advocating for selective prosecution only dangles the carrot for those wanting to enter the US illegally rather than waiting in line. The failure to enforce or prosecute those in violations of our immigration laws has led us to our crisis today.

Heitkamp’s continual advocacy for aliens here in violation of law tells me that she has no compassion for the people who fall victim to preventable crimes like the ones we’ve recently seen. The biggest starting steps to get the US back on track with securing our country should be first, secure the Border, close the loop holes that mandates release of custody of certain people illegally crossing our borders, stop the magnet and hold the employers more liable through a system such as E-verify. I believe Congress can accomplish these goals, but not with Heidi Heitkamp there.